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I love it! I love Dashaun and the magic he brings to our community! Keep it up Icon!

Ballroom fans rejoice.

Don’t sleep on this.

Love from Seattle

Dashaun is a really inspiring person to me. He has such a soothing voice too, so to be honest I think I’m just gonna live here in this podcast thanks!

Great Listen

I love this podcast. Dashaun has a radio voice!!

Legendary Show and Podcast

I absolutely loved the show Legendary! I love creativity and a lot about the ballroom dance culture. The show itself is what led me to Dashaun’s podcast. He definitely provided a platform for the LGBTQ community to express and show their artistic talent .

Icon! Legendary!

Absolutely love the way Dashaun interviews his guests, in and about Ballroom culture. So interesting, fun, educational, warm and inviting! Cannnot wait for more 👯

you did what needed to be done!

So sad Legendarycancelled -thanks for this podcast with my favorites - no *Sade* 💋

Love It!

Dashaun you are My Spirit Man! Thank you for this gift! It’s gonna’ get me through the holidays! Blessings Bruh! 💜🙏🏾

THE Icon

When is the first episode??????? Sounds like it is going to be AMAZING!!!!

I’m here for it

I’m here for it someone that will spread The Love in the world. And give us that Woop Woop is needed at time like this!

Dashaun! Superstar!

I so cant wait for this podcast!!!! I need a Dashaun fix since Legendary is between seasons!!!! ❤️

Big Crown 👑🦖

Love youuu . This is Teaaa 🥂🔥